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Code Igniter Training in Chennai

Session- 1

Introduction - What is CodeIgniter - CodeIgniter License - CodeIgniter versions - CodeIgniter Feature - Config Class, Database Config - CodeIgniter Installation - CodeIgniter File System - Explanation of MVC Architecture.

Session- 2

First CI Application - Loader Class - Libraries - Creating Static Pages - Creating First Controller - Model & View.

Session- 3

CodeIgniter URLs, URI Routing - Passing Parameters in URLs, URI Class.

Session- 4

Reserved Names.

Session- 5

Auto Loading Functions.

Session- 6

Form Handling - Input Class, Form Validation Class, File Uploading Class, Security Class, Page Redirection.

Session- 7

Helper Functions - Cookie Helper, Date Helper, Download Helper, URL Helper.

Session- 8

Database - Database Configuration, Connecting to a Database, Running Queries, Generating Query Results, Query Helper Functions, Field Data.

Session- 9

Session handling - Session Class.

Session- 10

Email Class - Sending Emails using CI, SMTP, Google.

Session- 11

Image Manipulation Class - Resize Image, Aspect Ratio.

Session- 12

Pagination Class - Pagination of large data.

Session- 13


Session- 14

Encryption Class.

Session- 15

User Agent Class - Identify user agent and display browser specific view - Project.

accord info matrix training courses

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